Skipping at the beginning of every song

I am using my ipad 2 and never had rhis problem until recently when hooking up to my new Pioneer reciever formy outdoor pool system. I have my internet turned off. No other programs turned on. I have a playlist on using automix and at the beginning of every single song it stops playing for about a second as the other table cues its next song. Very frustrated. I am using both the new idjay2 along with the old version and it does the same thing in both. Please help

Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear that.

  • Which IOS version is running on your iPad?
  • Do you have other apps running in the background?
  • How much free disk space is left on your iPad?
  • Have you tried fully rebooting your iPad?

How is your iPad connected to the receiver?

I see, and does this also happen if you e.g. connect it via “normal” line-in?

I meant by connecting “analog” from the iPad’s headphone out to the sound system’s line/AUX input.

No other apps running
1.1 Gb remaining
Yes I have rebooted
The problem only exists while using through my Pioneer receiver which is odd. That should make no difference on the playing or uploading of the songs.

Any ideas?

Any chance of some advise?

Its connected via the power plug which is connected to a usb port on the receiver.

I havent tried any other method to connect yet. You mean like a different audio source?

I will try that. Thanks