Small controller for ipad/djay


I’m looking for a small external controller to use with djay app for ipad.
Something like this!……

But is that controller supported? And another question mark is that I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Best regards
Kristoffer, Sweden

So do you mean the Numark DJ2go is supported by djay on ipad?…

From what I’ve seen it seems to be only working together with a computer.
The other controllers on the list seem to be real big ones. I am looking for something small like the Numark or the one on the image at the top post.

Just to be clear. I use only an IPAD (with lightning connector and IOS10.3) and need a controller that supports that!

Hey Kristoffer,

yes the iDJ 2 Go is natively supported via djay for iOS.
Please see this link to find all further information on our hardware site,
as well as a link to amazon.