So I finally bought the pro version and I like it !!

So finally after weeks of evaluation, I finally bought Djay Pro for mac. What I realized is that probably Djay is the only piece of DJing software which satisfies *most* of my requirements as a Tango DJ.

Yes, you heard right. I am not a DJ in the traditional sense, i.e. I do not have to beatmatch or mix tracks. I play carefully selected tracks and build up the energy on the floor for people to enjoy. Here is how a typical Tango dance ‘milonga’ or party looks like:…

In my quest to DJ tango milongas I evaluated several pieces of software and I am happy that Djay meets most of them. I still have a few pet peeves but on the whole I am very happy with Djay.

A question for the Algoriddim reps reading this post: would you like for me to list out the mind set of a Tango DJ and would it help for you to make your software more flexible and friendlier to this huge community of Tango DJs that exist out there ?

Currently I believe, there is not a single DJing software that is made keeping in mind the Tango DJs in mind. I can’t dictate the internal marketing strategy of Algoriddim, but if you need any kind of insights on how we DJ and what we need the most out of DJing software, I would be willing to provide my feedback. It is untapped market and I think if you embrace our community of Tango DJs it will only end up helping your bottom line.

Tango is a global community of dancers and unlike club dancing, Tango friendships are more personal and last years. We meet tango dancers across the country and world several times during festivals and marathons. It is really a nice way of making new friends and enjoying a great time with them. Think of it as a lifelong fraternity.

Thanks for making DJay so awesome (even with its flaws). Now please fix those pesky bugs and release an update :stuck_out_tongue:

– Seemanta Dutta

We are already on it, Seemanta! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback.