Software set to 4 decks, but all decks only operating on channel 1 or 2 of controller

Hello everyone. I have no clue what happened. LOL. It always starts that way, right? I’ve been using DJPro for just over a year. I mix four decks using a Pioneer XDJ-XZ. I can load tracks to all four decks and tell them to start and stop. However, all the audio is reflected in channel one and sometimes channel two on the controller’s mixer. For example, if I am playing deck 1, the audio is controlled by channel one on the mixer. But if I’m playing deck three, it is not resonating on channel three on the controller’s mixer. It is playing on channel one on the mixer of the controller. So, if I cut the low, it cuts the low to both songs. All proper updates and firmware have been done. I also installed Rekordbox, and it does NOT have the same problem. Each deck reports to the appropriate channel on the mixer. So, that eliminated the hardware issue, and it is in a software setting. I’ve done almost every setting in the Devices section in the “Internal” and “External” setting modes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I may be wrong but this sounds similar to a previous issue I looked at for someone.

In this one some MIDI commands were not available for decks 3&4 and were not solvable by manual mapping.

Anyway, I may have misunderstood but the two issues could be linked.


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