Some lost features

Hi, i have questions about some lost features. Can somebody help me?

1.- beatjump: there is any feature like The beatjump in traktor?

2.- playlists: when you see the songs they shows the key and the bpm but could be great if you can see for exemple The genere or the stars like in traktor browser. Could i do that?

3.- wave view: i dont know how to zoom The wave to see more of The track because you dont have time to reaction. Could i do that?

Sorry about my básic english.


Hi Oscar,

Thanks for contacting us.

Do you mean djay for Mac, iPad or iPhone? Also, which djay version number are you using?

(1) Not sure what you mean by beatjump, please explain further what this feature does.

(2) This is currently not supported, but I’ll pass it on as a request.

(3) Have you tried the waveform view? Tap the small waveform icon in the upper midsection of the screen.

Djay2 v.2.5.2 in a retina ipad.


(1) to transpose the compass 1 or 4 or 16 or 32 beats forward o backward

(2) ok thanks i usually works with different generes in the same playlist

(3) yes but in this view you cant do a zoom in the wave. Could be a great idea put two buttons + - at the right place of The wave to do a zoom. Similar to The buttons to do the pitch bend

Thank you very much for your support. The aplication is really amazing.