Some of my tracks in iTunes are not available

Hi. I have only very recently purchased djay Pro and I’m finding that some of my tracks are not available.

For example:

My iTunes playlists are showing up in djay Pro. I click on a playlist and only some of the songs are available to use on djay Pro. When I click on that same playlist in iTunes, all the tracks are visible and play fine from that playlist using iTunes.

I noticed that some of the tracks in iTunes playlists have the little cloud symbol (meaning they have not been downloaded onto the computer). So when I click on the little cloud, the track downloads (and is now on the computer). I go to Library > Refresh Library in djay Pro, but the missing tracks are still not visible.

Help!! I want to access all of my playlist, not part of it!

Hi Adam,

is it possible that these tracks are from Apple Music?

Cheers,Lukas E.

All Apple Music tracks won’t be displayed beca
Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,

Some of tracks are from Apple Music. But not all of them.