Some Spotify Tracks Not Available In My Country Error Message On Djay 2

Sometimes when I attempt to load a Spotify track on Djay 2 for my iPad, I get an error message saying that the track cannot be loaded because it’s not available in my country. I’m an American and I live in the U.S.A. Not only that, but that same track will play with no problems on the Spotify app on my same iPad. Does anyone know why some Spotify tracks can’t be loaded on Djay 2, but will play on the Spotify app? And does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks!

Isn’t there a setting in DJAY Pro to not show unavailable tracks? Can’t DJAY just filter out tracks not available in your Country? It is very annoying…

I have noticed that there will often be more than one version with some playable in US and some not. This applies to Spotify standalone as well though. Keep in mind just because it is same EXACT title and same EXACT album graphic does NOT mean it is same exact file. If you match up actual file # they have been consistent for me at least.

This would be at the Spotify level. If they can’t even filter them out how can you expect Algoriddim to?

I can’t but I get the same issue. I’m based in the UK

Be good to know


Hi guys,

yes @Deejay Dave is tight on this one.
But if this is still not working, please contact our support in order to get an in detail instruction how to check if you are connecting to the right Spotfiy server. Thank you guys.

Lukas E.