Some Things to Add...

Great work on 1.1! Pro is really coming along. Just a few things I think are missing:

  • Quantize/Snap
  • Beat counter (like Rekordbox) or bar numbers on beat grid (like Serato)
  • Phase/beatmatching display (enhanced transient view of the waveforms)
  • Ability to rename cue points, perhaps integrate them into the interface (instead of in that side pane) + larger cue point display on waveforms (very tiny right now)

Thank you for these ideas, Nathan!

About your first idea: There’s already an automatic quantisation, e.g. for manual setting the Loops. Where do you miss the Quantise?
About your third idea: What exactly would you want to be enhanced for the Waveform View?

Ok, thank you, Nathan. We’ll have an eye on your ideas!

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the reply.

RE: Quantize
Cue points currently don’t snap to the beatgrids when you set them, that’s where I’m missing it the most.

RE: Waveforms
I’m referring to the visual beatmatching aids like you find in Serato/Mixvibes (enhanced, stacked view of the peaks of the waveforms to make it easier to beatmatch/adjust phase manually). Helpful when the beatgrids are a bit off or if you’re not using sync.