Sometimes DJay Pro analye BPM completly wrong

Sometimes DJay Pro analye BPM completly wrong and totally out of range.

If I try to reanalye the Playlist nothing happen.
I expect that I can reanalyse after clicking the Analyse Start button

I have to click on the BPM on the screen, change BPM manually an then click “Zurück”. This forces DJay Pro to reanalyse the track.

There should be following MIDI Mapping commands

Only Tracks who are not analysed

Analyse all
Analyse Folder
Analyse Track
Analyse Selected

All Tracks even they are already analysed

Reanalyse All
Reanalyse Folder
Reanalyse Track
Reanalyse Selected

In the screenshot you see the DJay pro got BPM from 20 - 50 what is totally wrong.

I analysed the complete folder. The first track has over 184 BPM what is wrong. Maybe djay pro did not analysed this track and the BPM is still from spotify ( spotify values are wrong for Bachata and Salsa tracks. But there is no way to reanalyse the folder or marked track.

After forcing DJay Pro to reanalyse via workaround (manually set BPM to any number and the click “zurück”) the BPM is correct.


The first time when I open a Kizomba or Bachata Track from Spotify the BPM is mostly wrong. I gues the Values are stored in Spotify.

After anlysing the tracks with djay pro the Bpm is correct.

Sometimes it happen that djay pro does not analyse all tracks in the folder but are flaged as analysed.

And there is no way to reanalyse this track or folder after flaged as analysed.

Maybe this is the issue

Hi there,

changing the BPM manually is giving the algorithm a analysis hint. Reanalysing without manually taping or entering the BPM leads to the same BPM value.
That is why we decided for this work around.

Lukas E.

Thank you for pointing this out. I was not able to reproduce this with the mentioned song but will investigate the issue. It would be great if you could send us some more exemplary songs which are being analysed correctly after reanalysing.

Lukas E.

Could you give us exemplary song titles and their artists to reproduce this?

Also did you find a way to reproduce the analysation problem? All tracks were analysed in my playlists when i tried to reproduce the explained behaviour.

Lukas E.