Sometimes the Music isn't played

I Don’t know the reason, but sometimes it happens, that even though the title is displayed on the Deck and the Cover is shown on the turntable and even the turntable itself is rotating, the marker is moving through the Soundcurve and the Sound curve is displayed correctly, there is no Sound Output and no Output Level displayed on the channel. All Controllers are in the right Position and there is nothing to hear. turning up and down won’t fix the problem. The files are not corrupt and when i put the song on the other Deck and even later on the same Deck again, it works properly. It happens maybe once in a hour.

Why is that? Can U help or Fix? I’m working with Win10 and djay Pro for Windows


Just to let you know, I have a similar problem, with even the song audio playing correctly at the beginning and then cutting out with everything else appearing normal. Unless you know differently, I’ve found that the only way to resolve the problem is to reload the song.

And that’s just one problem I have… the main one being that last week by mistake I included the entire hard drive as a folder in the iTunes music folder section (music library settings), and so now it’s trying to catalogue over 127,000 tracks. The result of this is that the local music files cannot be accessed, and despite numerious reinstalls, resets, deleting residual files afterwards, etc, etc, etc, etc… I cannot remove the folder.

I’m am becoming more unhappy with this programme by the day, and if I was Spotify, I would consider my options with whatever else is out there, like Virtual DJ which I love…

Good luck!