Song History Displays Incorrect Timing

I like to save the song history when I record my DJ sets, but the times listed with each song makes no sense at all. I’ve tried every way possible to decipher how the time might be calculated, but nothing seems to work.

I recently decided to test it with a couple of songs. I began playing the first song from the beginning, after 1min I started the second song, and let the two overlap for 30 seconds. I then stopped the first song and let the second song play an additional 30 seconds. In the end, the first song played for 1:30 and the second song 1:00. When I saved the song history, the time listed by the first song was “00:07” and the second song showed “02:52”.

I repeated the experiment with the same songs and the same timings, but the history showed “00:04” and “03:02” for the respective songs.

Finally, I ran the experiment a third time with two different songs, but the same timings. This time the timings were “00:05” and “02:34”.

It would be great if the timings could show the elapsed time at which the next song started.

Hi Shaun,

I’ll test this and check back with our developers and get back to you as soon as I have some results.