Songs randomly jump to beginning sometimes?!?

Hey guys I just bought the Vestax Spin 2 two days ago and yesterday my 2 friend and I were pretty much mixing on it from 4pm to almost midnight. Thats almost 8 hours. Near the end maybe 6-7 hours in the songs on the right side would jump to the very beginning of the track. There was no rhythm or pattern to this it just randomly and sporadically jump and stuttered to the beginning. The only explanation as to why this might have been happening is that I’m right handed and when ever i reach over the controller to do something on my laptop (like type in the name of a song i want to choose) the touch strip some how thinks im touching it and jumps to the beginning of the song other than that i have no idea why its doing that. Or maybe it just needed a rest from being on for so long? Please help if any of you can i have a gig in 2 days!!!


Hmm weird. This only happened to the right turntable? This sounds like a hardware issue. Can you please contact Vestax Support directly and keep us posted? Thanks!