Sort playlist by Recently Added

Is there any chance of adding a Recently Added sort order (newest to oldest) to the playlist sorting options?

This would be really useful for when you’ve added new tracks and want to get to them quickly, whilst you’re still learning them and are not yet familiar with the track name or artist name.

For example, Spotify has this playlist sort option in its app.

ITunes has this option. There is a default playlist called “recently added.” Whatever playlists you have set up in iTunes transfers over to Djay Pro.

That’s an excellent idea. It would be great on the ipad

Djay Pro already does this.

The sort method I have relied on with any DJ program is sort by rating. I found using a 3 to 5 star rating on my most popular songs has always been great. You can do it on laptop’s but not on iPads. Is there anyone else who uses this sorting method and if so would you like to see it added to DJay on the iPad.

Is it possible to add this option to djay 2 then?