Sorting affects all playlists

when you are in a playlist and sort it…by eithe artist, BPM, etc, it sorts EVERY playlist. thats a problem. I make 1 play list with all my formal songs in order of events. If im in my dinner playlist, for example, and sort by artist then go back to my fomalites playlist they are now all out of order. Each playlist needs its own independent sorting.

Yeah, maybe all lists shouldn’t load sorted in the manner you sorted the last one. Maybe just the one you’re viewing should list that way, and if you load another one it should list in the default order without sorting enabled. I could see this being a preference actually, because I bet some people love that it does this.

But you can return your playlists to their original order without restarting djay pro.

When viewing a playlist, clicking any column name (Name, Artist, BPM, etc) will bold the column name and sort the list in ascending order by that value. Clicking the column name again will keep the column name bold and sort the list in descending order by that value. But clicking it a third time will unbold the column name and remove any sorting applied to the list. The list will then be returned to its original order (until you click another column name).

This hint was VERY helpful! Thank you so much! I have hundreds of playlists for different events and purposes so retaining the iTunes sort the way I intended is preferred. I agree that this should be dJay preference.

thanks! ill give it a try

This answers a longstanding problem I’ve had too.

  • Thank You!!!