Sound Loss when Cueing Music up with Headphones


I use a Mixdeck Quad in conjunction with an IPad2 Air and DJ Pro

Recently I have noticed that when Im cueing up the next track, when I press the Cue button on the Mixer, the volume on the Track that is currently playing, drops out. It also drops out if I press the Cue select on the iPad.

Its not all the time, but I would say 95% . I noticed it a few weeks ago both when doing a Mobile Disco and playing in a local bar that has a awesome sound system.

Please advise quickly, as I have loads of events coming up


Ok Algoriddim

Have decide to Sack Dj Pro. Way to many issues with it. See list below

Sound Loss when Cueing next track
App closes down when using Expand/Collapse Tools function. Its closed down on me in the middle of Gigs. 100 people shouting at me, not funny
Audio not good enough
LP\HP function is rubbish, no where near as good as it is in Djay 2
Platters without Artwork
To many features that I can’t/dont wanna use.

Just loaded Djay 2 back onto iPad Air

So far
No loss of sound when Cueing up next track
Audio much better, I can literally hear the difference between the two
Just easier to use for what I need it to do.

One massive issue that I now have, all my tracks need reanalysing, do you realise how long this is going to take?

With this in mind, would like a refund for the purchase of DJ Pro

Would Appreciate a response ASAP