Sound Loss


I use DJ Pro. I have noticed recently that when I use the Preview function when deciding what track to play next, when I hit the Play button, the music that is already playing through the sound system gets quieter, this also seems to be happening when using the FX functions.

I use a iPad 2 Air in conjunction with a Numark Mixdeck Quad

The Sound loss is so obvious now that I cannot use these functions anymore when playing out

Look forward to your comments


Thought I had resolved issues by reverting back to Djay 2 . Did a gig on Friday night, pressed Cue button to listen to next track that I was going to play, again, it sucked the sound out of the track that was currently playing.

Its either the iPad or Djay 2, all I now is its getting really annoying now.



Im referring to Pre Cueing - The track has been loaded, I’m cueing it up to mix in

I actually dumped DJ pro because I thought it was related to that only. Turns out its happening in DJ @ as well.

Cant be sure if its the iPad or the Software, I think its the Software.


I use Numark iDJ Pro. I updated my DJay2 App and since then the sound loss on any output (apart from microphone) is so bad I had to revert back to the old DJay(1) app. Luckily it was still on my iPad. Are you still having problems?

Hi guys,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Are you referring to the in library “Preview” or pre cueing?

Thank you for the help. Also if you find patterns or action which might lead to the explained behaviour please let us know.

Lukas E.