Sound won't push thru speakers when I updates to iOS8.2

Have any of you updated your iPad to iOS8.2? I recently did and now I can’t get any sound to push thru my speakers. When I close the DJ app and just use iTunes it plays fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Same for me with the Beatpad. But I experienced it befor iOS 8.2.

Is this with a controller? Seems to be a problem with Reloop Beatpad. I don’t have sound from master output.

Its djay 2.7.4 i think.

Is this true? Thanks for the warning. i won’t upgrade to ios 8.2 then. Strange if they don’t test on pre-release versions of ios, i think

Hi guys,

Can you please try disabling and enabling “Split Output” again?
There’s an issue we are already working on…

See if it works!