Soundcard for D Jay and ipad Mini

I’m using DJ2 with an Ipad mini and Splitter cable , all I want is a small soundcard with a stereo audio output and headphone output for cueing but i can’t seem to find what I want or be sure that it will work properly with the app ?
Any Ideas ?

Thanks Warren - that seems like a simple solution but I was thinking of a slightly more professional soundcard with adjustable volume but it seems like a lot of them are more geared to recording than just the additional outputs that i require.

Does this imic have an internal control panel ?

Would this work with D Jay 2 ?

Well I’ve ordered one of these so I’ll test it and let you know how it goes …

Well it works , but there are no options in the D Jay settings to set the Main and headphone outputs - any ideas about this ?

There is no audio device set up as shown in the link you sent for the Griffin imic

I didn’t think about trying that.

But surely unless I enable the split output the headphone cue select buttons don’t appear?

I’m away for a few days but will test on my return and get back to you.

Ok - Yes this works great - I’m testing it on my studio speakers and the sound seems really ft and loud.
Thanks for your help Warren. :smiley:


Thanks for contacting us.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable setup, take a look at the Griffin iMic. You can use this sound card, in combination with the headphone out as described in this help article.


We haven’t tested that one yet, but generally speaking, you can use any audio interface that is recognized by the system.

OK, thanks!

What if you plug in your headphones into the iPad’s headphone out?

Awesome! Thanks for keeping me posted!