Speed control displayed in BPM instead of percentage during modification

Hi all,

when modifying the speed of a song the BPM value changes to a percentage and goes back to a BPM value after the change. If you just want to change the BPM value from x to y it is quite a challenge!

It would be great having a choice (selectable in the options) in the display of

  • BPM value
  • percentage
  • or both?
  • 1 or 2 numbers after the decimal point, even for the BPM value

Best regards

Yes, this would be very useful. No option required, just simply show % and BPM.
Arguably BPM is a more relevant value.

Can we have an update on if this can be considered please?

Simply show the percentage adjustment and corresponding BPM value

Can we have a response from staff for this suggestion please??

Please this was how it was in the previous version. This is greatly missed.

I know a trick how you can show BPM instead of % while changing the tempo:
1.) click and hold on the free space beside the pitch fader
2.) keep holding :slight_smile:
3.) now move your cursor to the pitch fader while holding the mouse button
4.) release the mouse button and you can change the tempo with the display showing the bpm and not the %.

Works for me…

Greetings from Germany

Hi Carlos,

I tried that out, but it does not work. I have got the latest djay (V1.6) for iPod touch.
Okay, the “mouse button” and the “cursor” on the touch panel is more or less the same.

Best regards

BPM isnt correct sometimes. You need to change tempo, and sometime you dont have enaugh time for correct beat maching) know how mutch % i should move up or down to + or - bpm)

Yes please, use the BPM instead the percentage

I’ve never used percentage and feel kinda lost when trying to manualy adjust tempo.


I’ve just started using the DJay 2 app on my ipad, and its awesome, however, changing the BPM with the pitch fader and getting a % is really difficult and frustrating, once you’ve released it no find you’ve gone passed the BPM you need!

Please change this to BPM, that’s how all CDJ and CD Decks work.


These are different techniques, and because of that it would be optimal if it could be a setting to choose what kind of display. Thanks

Hey Alex,

at the moment djay 2 for the iPhone is displaying the BPM value while changing the speed slider.
This thread is kind of outdated, could you give me more details?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I seemed to have maxed out on changing the BPM from somewhere around 95 to 85. After experimenting, I find I need it slower yet. Is there a way to reset or continue to slow down beyond 85ish. Holding the minus sign only slows down as long as I keep depressing minus sign on screen. Help - dance teacher

Lukas E, I’ve seen videos ofhe iPhone version displaying BPM, but on the iPad it is still %.

The pitch range can be adjusted in Settings