Spin2 vs. DJAY v. 4.1 cueing timing Issues.

I have upgraded from the original Vestax Spin to to the Spin2 and have found that the Cueing tempo is extremely off! When I “sync” tempos thinking they will match I am sadly disappointed because they are extremely off timing wise. There is a strange “wild pitch” where it starts out on tempo and then it ends up being faster than the song I am trying to mix to. This results in a very off mix making me look really bad! I am running DJAY version 4.1 on a Summer 2011 MacBook Air 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with Maxed out RAM(4GB) and 251 GB Flash Drive. Any tips on what I can do to resolve this issue?

hi d.shon, yes you’re right. this function is useless on the spin2. needs attention.
vestax meet algoriddim, algoriddim meet vestax, you two should talk and sort this out.


Does this happen to all songs or just certain songs?

Hello Warren, so sorry for the late reply, didn’t realize there was a response until I got an update email from the post by “cheekypaul”.

To answer your question. This happens with every song, unfortunately. I mean, I’m used to warped vinyl records having pitch issues, but MP3s? Trés Bizzare!

Hey there, cheekypaul! Isn’t this issue disappointing? Had to pull out my original Spin unit because the Spin2 was getting on my nerves, lol.