Spotify connection fails

Try to add the djay pro app as an approved app to Spotify and get this error…

There is no application set to open the URL djay-iphone-2://spotify-auth?code=NQpdCgjmidTLfIls6xJR0VRA6M3jNrhffO18D7XUlj5w5KarCiJzKo1dNxQCAWDpgA4326DDYszNNW0gEt4oJvf5Eus58Y3vGw7tNH9uNq0XSHZwCjcUhVmhLk6Pq2IMEhTYl-a2xdz4cyywVxLolLTMGvImnA

Anyone got any ideas?

Hi there,

with which command did you try to add djay pro?

Lukas E.

Hi Graham,

thank you for the follow up. 
Can you first off tell me what you are trying to achieve?

Cheers,Lukas E.

That is good to hear, can you tell us and other users which command you used?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I googled how to connect. This took me to a Spotify page that looked like it should authorise the Djay app.
Can you point me to a different link or tell me what the command is?
Many thanks

Managed to sort it out. Ran a command from terminal to reset all djay settings. Then re-added Spotify from the djay app. Works fine.

I used this command on a mac. Open terminal app.
Ran this…
defaults delete com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac