Spotify connection issue - page has expired

Ok - has anyone else experienced problems accessing spotify through the link to integrate the spotify library? I am getting a “a secure connection to the server could not be established” error message that is stopping me. Highly frustrating that I’ve never noticed this problem before but I have been using the spotify app (with a premium account) for ages so have never had the need to go the the web site. Help with this issue would be gratefully appreciated!

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear that. Please try the following:

  • open the Settings app
  • go to Safari
  • disable “Block Cookies”
  • try again

Hi Matt,

Please try the steps suggested above.

Try clearing the data in the Safari settings as well.

In this case, I recommend restoring your iPad.

Hi, I have followed these steps, restarted Safari, restarted my phone, checked for updates but I’m still getting the “page expired” message as below. Any ideas please?

Hi, the page still displays the “page has expired” message

Yup,all working fine now. Thanks Warren for your swift reply. Cheers!

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Spotify connection problems.

since I don’t get an answer via the support mail address, I will try it on this forum.
I can’t seem to connect my spotify to the app. I have a premium account, still it constantly says that I it has expired and that I should reload the page and try again, which I have done for about 100 times.
Anyone facing the same problem?