Spotify Error

I am unable to play any music. The error states to check my internet connection. I am connected and spotify works form the spotify app on my mac and iphone. I can see tracks in my playlist but I am unable to load them into a player. I have a show tonight and need this to work. Please advise

Hi guys, 

can you tell us exactly when and how you first came in touch with the error and if it is persisting?

Lukas E.

Ok thank you Jose for the follow up. Can you contact us via

To the others users watching this thread:
A large scale hacker attack made servers from various companies including Spotify, Twitter, New York Times, and many others unavailable for many users around the world this weekend. You can read more about it here:

Unfortunately this included Spotify servers used by djay to load songs from the Spotify library, which is why you received the error. From what I read the attack is now under control and the sites available again, so you should no longer receive the error in djay.

If you are still getting errors please tell us right away.

Lukas E.

I’m having the same issue!

me too!! need help!!!

I noticed the same error. I really need a resolution soon.

For me it started about 5 days ago. I was testing a new controller and when I tried to load a song from Spotify, it would take time (almost like it was waiting for a response) the I would the error saying to check my internet connection. The internet connection was fine since my Spotify app was working. Then a minute later the error message that it cannot log in to Spotify came up. It had the number 8 in parentheses. I have tried resetting djay pro, resetting Spotify, and even deleted and reinstalled djay pro. Still having the same problem.