Spotify freezing and library

I am a new user just bought the software today after playing with the demo for a few days… On windows 10

  1. So when I make a playlist from spotify and start automixing, after about 10 - 20 minutes, songs stop loading, silence follows and a looping ring appears on the decks and the song in the playlist. Sometimes a message appears and claims that there are problems logging in, sometimes not. My internet at the time is rock solid and other programs work fine.

Before you tell me to buy your music, I do own thousands of tracks, but the main reason I bought this, was spotify’s terrible automix feature. So I saw this program as a workaround. Not that this is perfect. I wish you had the automix options of VDJ.

  1. Another issue is the library. I have my own songs organized, in a backed up portable hard drive, in folders and subfolders according to different criteria. That way I can use them on whatever computer/software/controller…so far… in theory. Do I need to add every one subfolder at a time? Can I not add the main folder or even the root, and the folder structure to remain and be accessible from Djay?

If not please suggest a software to do this that is NOT ITUNES. I don’t want to throw everything in ‘‘my music’’ and have all the songs appear randomly neither.

  1. And a third, why are we not allowed to create playlists with both, our own and spotify tunes, and save them in DJAY. Is it so hard? Other users, how do you create playlists that contain own and spotify tracks? Is it possible?

I know I am new in this, but I usually find solutions to such ‘‘easy’’ problems straight away. If it is impossible I might have bought the wrong software. Oh and by the way although main controller works fine, my crappy chinese ‘‘soundgarden’’ mini controller that I use for messing about/playlists etc refuses to have the jogs and browser knob map properly…

Hey there,

thank you for your post.

  1. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried other network connections, are they behaving the same way?
  2. This is already possible. You can add your whole external drive and use the folder structure to navigate through your genres.
  3. We got this point on our agenda and I added your vote to the user request list. 

In general I want to thank you for sharing your ideas,thoughts and problems. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

  1. I have tried different wifi networks yes. What i don’t understand is the fact that while this is happening I try to access a page, say youtube, on my browser, and that works fine, on the same computer. Could it have to do with the screen turning off? The computer does not hibernate, log off though.

  2. Will try tonight.

  3. That would be God sent.

  1. Or could it be a special rule for the antivirus (windows own) or firewall?