Spotify has stopped working - Will not allow login?! I have a gig in one hour - Can anyone help?

I have just set up a playlist for a party tonight - when spotify asked for login and now reports an error and cannot login?
Can anyone help urgently! please!

I’m sure our Spotify fan DJ Magicmoments will be along shortly to let you know :slight_smile:

Hi there,

we are very sorry to hear that. Please make sure your djay Pro Mac 2 version is up to date.
Which version are you working with and what exact error is being displayed?

Bueno - restarted everything and changed spotify passwords everywhere and its working again - bit worrying - anyone else has had this issue? How reliable is it?

Just had the same here (and yes gig in 1 hour too) after clicking Spotify a few times in DJAY software, the library came back online again. (but have my USB key ask backup too)

Good luck and happy New Year, cheers ERC

I’ve had the same problem and it’s getting more frequent. Even songs or playlists loading extremely slow at times although i’m always on good network connection. Seems very unstable.