Spotify Login Error, Cannot connect to Spotify (8)

I have been getting this error all morning. Is there a solution to this. I have a gig later this afternoon.

Spotify Login Error, Cannot connect to Spotify (8)

I’ve been getting this error too. I’ve logged out and logged back into Spotify, which seemed to be Warren’s solution that also worked before…with errors. But there’s not fix with this that I’ve been able to make work.

Hi Everyone,

Are you still experiencing this issue after logging out and back in? If this issue continues to persist, please try if you can login on the following website as an experiment:

Horrible but I think it’s a Tmobile problem it’s working on my Verizon

Are you still having this issue because it’s only doing his for me on any TMobile device works perfect on Verizon

I ended up getting service through AT&T and it works awesome

You will need a Verizon hot spot or At&T

This is a T-Mobile issue has to do with their data program and music apps djay pro os not approved for their streaming

This is a T-Mobil issue

Has to do with T-Mobil

I got the app years ago and it is much improved but I want to master it before I switch

same here all day

Mines been back working for about 12 hours now. Thanks all.

Hey while I have a rep here can I make a suggestion for djay.

Under preferences > devices. It would be great to have one or two more output and pre cueing slots, eg main-output 1, main-output 2, cueing 1, cueing 2. This is because i use an equaliser as main output device called Boom. But it causes a tiny lag so its out of sync with my pre-cueing device (which i like to be the midi controller vesta spin) .

So, if i had an extra main-output, I could use the midi controller for both main and cue, yet still use my equaliser for that main ( possibly recorded) output.

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I can’t get connection with spotify,everytime I open djay pro I get the message “Cannot connect to Spotify (8)check your internet connection”…although when I open my spotify app,its working perfectly.
It worked perfectly before.

Same here. Hope it’ll be fixed soon enough.

I’m having the same problem. I just downloaded it today and I haven’t even been able to use it yet. Frustrating.

I only have spotify premium to use with djay pro why can I not log in? And NO I’m not logging out of every device blah blah blah just FIX THE PROBLEM or find a way to compensate those who only have spotify premium to use with your app

I have a similar problem with Windows 10. If I make a paus in playing and the computer goes to sleep, it is impossible to make Spotify connection after I have “waken” the computer up. Djay Pro app states that there’s no internet connection. All this despite Spotify as an app working perfectly independently.

When I log out from Spotify within the Djay app and try to log in again, then after pressing log in button a blank box appears.

Hey there,

we are sorry to hear about the 8 Error.
If you have not tried this already please follow these steps to log into Spotify:

  1. Open djay app go to settings ,open library, log out of Spotify.Close djay
  2. Open the device settings then go to the safari tab and open it.
  3. Open advance
  4. open website data and scroll until you see remove all website data.
  5. Click on that until all website data removed. Close settings.
  6. Then log in to spotify through the website (
  7. Click “Log out everywhere”.
  8. Restart or reboot the phone.
  9. Then log in to spotify app and to the spotify in your djay app again
    Please note that we are aware of the possible occurrence of the error and we are working on a fix for this.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

be aware that this problem has a very high priority to us.
Any feedback helps us to sort out the problem and we will do our best in order to provide a fix as fast as possible.

We will keep you posted about any news and I want to apology that we were not able to provide a solution so far.

Cheers,Lukas E.