Spotify Login Error, Cannot connect to Spotify (8)

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it is in our concern to provide solutions to all issues and problems.

The Spotify error 8 was a very tough issue, we know that our users have to deal with it for quiet some time, but we found the cause of the issue.

This is a known issue and we’re already in contact with Spotify to get it fixed as soon as possible.
T-Mobile USA uses a way of connecting to the internet which is not supported by the Spotify API which is used by djay.

We will keep you posted and can understand your anger about the time past.

I knew I wasn’t crazy. I had a gig last Saturday Night and I couldnt use my iPad Pro with either of your programs. My MacBook went dead and I was forced to switch to my alternate DJ setup. I had to use the actual Spotify app to finish out the show and was beyond difficult to keep my segues and transitions smooth. I could not mix any tracks at all and these were the teenagers I had to keep occupied so there was no room for explaining especially when you’re the DJ.

Sounds like a good idea, Bro. Thanx. I was looking REALLY silly after spending all of this money on 3 iOS programs only to have them fail at the same timewhen I needed them most.

I feel your pain, Bro. I didn’t notice the issue until my Mac Book died. I had the party lit, too…

I’m starting to hate Spotify . They take your money but they never fix their service .

I get the same on windows 10.

that did not help :frowning: so frustrating

I’m having the same issue :\
I have an iPhone 7 with the latest versions of both apps. Tried the steps above but it didn’t work for me.

I seem to only have the problem when I’m not connected to Wifi. I only have this issue when using cell service.

This app is such a scam, developers stealing money from consumers…this issue has been going on for so long and still no solid fix. I have blogged to everyone in my DJ communtiy to avoid crap-ass app…hopefully Apple will pull this app soon then later.

It’s ridiculous, that this issue has been going on for so long…I notified Apple they are aware of the constant complaints. And the agent advise to not purchase any further apps from them until they can fix the current issue on this app. Spotify has also been aware of the issue and don’t recommend the app until the vendor fixes it.

Same Problem here!

I’m getting “unexpected response received from spotify”

I have the same issue on my ipad pro with ios 11 over cell/LTE connection. Wifi works but using djay pro with Spotify over a cell phone connection (in my case a ipad LTE connection) should do too! When can we expect a fix for this? Or do you recommend switching to other dj apps like dj player pro using deezer as an alternative?
Best, Sid

NO SPOTIFY CONNECTION WITH Djay pro for ipad over cell/LTE connection! Wifi works but cell should too! But it doesn’t . Yes, i have the data on cell option enabled in my ipad settings. Still! I need spotify with djay pro for ipad to work on the go. I don’t always can rely on a wifi connection where iam booked. I use djay pro on my 12.9 ipad 1st generation with ios 11. Who is experiencing the same issue? Who has a fix for this?
Best, Sid

Im now using the DJ player professional app with Deezer premium. Works perfect via LTE and tmobile. So i ditched djay pro and spotify all together

Just download and buy Dj Player Professional off the App store. They work with Deezer. Works like a charm with being on a mobile cellular network. On any network. I now totally ditched DJ Pro and Spotify. Such a dead product. Both.

Well, if they dont wanna see their customers go to the competition, they should start talking to tmobile IMO. They lost me already. Im fine with my new DJPP and Deezer Premium workflow via LTE. Works like a charm. No regrets.

I can only advise to ditch spotify and djay Pro. Move to DJ player professional and use a Deezer plus account. Works like a charm. And DJPP JUST been updated. Is even more better now. Filters are way better and over much more than DjayPro IMO. Best of all, no annoying Error (8) nonsense when using a mobile LTE what ever connection.

The thing is, they don’t want to fix it. I can only advise you to stop using Djay Pro. Transfer over to DJ Player Professional. This works as intended and Music streaming service access via mobile Internet (LTE).