spotify music - 2 minutes to analyze 1 track!

Can anyone tell me if its common for Djay to take nearly 2 minutes to analyze 1 song from a spotify playlist? local tracks normally take me about a minute which still doesn’t seem quick!
I find this the same on both my Macbook Pro and Ipad Mini.

also is there a way to batch analyze an entire spotify playlist rather than loading one track at a time…?

Thanks guys.

Hi there,

thank you for your help Dysfunk DJ, using the Automix or Pre Analysing your playlists is definitely helpful if your media library has a long loading time.

By the way, can you say us the approximate size of your iTunes media library and give us some info about your setup?

Regarding Spotify, here your latency might be the issue. Have you compared the analysation time of your tracks while being in a different network?

Lukas E.

Sorry no way to batch. But there is a little trick I do. Use auto mix on the playlist and leave to play over night and in the morning it’s all done for you. That’s what I am doing with all my playlists.