Spotify songs stop while playing and start again at the beginning

This worked for me:
Use ‘exclusive mode’ > ‘apply’
(You find this setting at ‘configure audio device’)

Anyone find a resolution? I haven’t experienced this with the wego3 but just purchased ddj-sb2 and trying to play around and keep having the spotify reply issue with all songs. Local songs on my HD don’t do it, just spotify. Im on djay pro for windows on windows 10.

Here is a video:

Thank you sir, that worked perfectly.

I was having a similar but not identical issue where the audio would repeatably skip back a few minutes across all songs at different track times always past 2/3rds of the way through. Setting the audio to exclusive mode as Johan suggests worked perfectly even without an app restart or even a track reload with a Xone 3D as the sound card.