Spotify Sync Problem with djay2 on iPad

I purchased for my iPad and iPhone…had no problem syncing djay2 to spotify on my iPhone 5s but It will NOT sync on my iPad…keeps sending me to a sign on page using Facebook or spotify sign in…PLEASE HELP…I googled and lots of people are having same problem!

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for contacting us.

What exactly happens when you try to sign in? Are there any error messages?

Shannon, after signing in, can you check if there are any other tabs open in Safari?

Shannon, what time would be best for you? Also, what’s your time zone?

Hi Ali,

To which page are you being redirected to?

logged in on another devise? Password incorrect?

I sign in using facebook option, which is how I originally set up spotify account, and after I enter user and password, it keeps sending me the blank sign on option again…I have removed and re loaded the djay 2 app as well as signed out and back in to my facebook and spotify individual accounts…nothing seems to fix this

Ok…I tried logging out of spotify and Facebook on all my devices and tried to log in again on my iPad with my new djay 2 app…to no avail! after I put my user and password in and press log in…it just goes back to the same screen for me to fill out again…I have an iPad 2 but it has plenty of memory and has the latest apple update…everything else works fine…another suggestion?

Closed all tabs…still does the same thing…can someone give me a call at 843-422-4270 and let’s try to work through this…I am DJing a party Saturday night and desperately need this to connect to spotify as my iPhone did seamlessly!

I am available now…I am on west coast…but I am flying to New York for show this morning…call ASap please

I have the same issue. iPhone 6 Plus, got Djay on and trying to load spotify. It asks to login but I have FB credentials so I click that. It just keeps sending me to the same page over and over again.

To the login page! By the way, I updated my iOs to the latest version and it now works.