Stereo output with stereo headphone cue

I’m curious if its possible to enable that ipad to utilize the dock connector as as stereo out, while utilizing the headphone out, for monitoring/cueing? The cable you guys have is a great workaround, but mono outs are obviously less than ideal. This is the only thing holding this app back from full functionality in my opinion.

Hi Chad,

This is already supported. Please see here for more information:…


It would be a nice (and not so hard to implement) addition to be able to pre-cue tracks but still recording the main mix in stereo. For this there is 2 options, both are good for me:

  • keep the same actual behavior (split/mono for cue+mix) but before record the main mix in stereo before downmixing it to mono for the output. You just need to split the signal here, this is the best solution for all but it needs some work.

  • allow to use the hardware output for pre-cueing in stereo (no split), while the mix is being recorded in stereo. There is no output for the main mix (except for the recording), and this is useful when you’re not mixing for a stage but for recording only. This is a more simple solution (nearly no work needed since no split / downmix is needed), but it’s not as elegant as the first one.

I would be happy with any of these solutions!

Thanks a lot for your app, I hope you keep updating djay for ipad/iphone even though you have a new app (vjay) on the rails!

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