Strange Noises while playing with Reloop Beatpad

I just bought a Reloop Beatpad to use with Djay on my new iMac.
Now while playing songs there are some disturbing noises from time to time. This doesn’t happen when I play them using iTunes or Traktor. Somehow it reminds me on some crackling from a vinyl. :slight_smile: This also happens without the Controller being plugged in. On the other hand there are no problems with Djay on my MacbookAir.
Any ideas?

Hi Everyone,

Please kindly provide more details regarding your setup so we can try to reproduce the error:

  • Which device model do you have exactly?
  • Which iOS/OS X version is running on the device?
  • Which djay version are you using?
  • Does this happen with all songs?
  • When do the noises occur exactly?

Can you please specify the link to the mentioned forum?

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the feedback. Can you also please post the link to the forum you’re referring to? Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

Can you please check if the same noises can be heard when playing songs with the “Music” app on your iPad? Please make sure to wait a sufficient amount of time (e.g. 5-10min) to verify.

Hi Everyone,

If you’re affected by this problem with the Reloop Beatpad, please kindly contact Reloop Support directly. I found this forum thread on their website:…

In the meantime, our tests show that the issue does not occur when you connect the iPad via the standard USB + Camera Adapter.

A firmware beta has been posted in the forum above. Please try updating your Beatpad.

Thanks for helping out my-v.

As stated in other Forums it seems to be a problem with the Fusion Drive in the new iMacs. If I boot from an external drive then all Audio is correct. Same thing when using Logic Pro X. Strange stuff. :slight_smile:…

I was waiting for buying the reloop beatpad for few weeks.
When I got it, I was just like a 10 year old kid with his new toy !
I’m very impressed by the quality of the product and all the features.
Unfortunetly, like Matthias, the reloop make some cracking noises when I use it with my Ipad (3rd gen, 16go, last IOS7 version) and the last updated Djay 2.
I think the noises came from a soundcard latency problem. I try to close all app on the ipad, but always same cracks. The noises appears on headphones and also on speakers pluged into XLR.
I think that this problem is unforgivable for a high priced professional controler, and I hope that you will fix it very soon.
Please give an answer to us.
Thanks ni advance.

I post same topic on the reloop forum and here’s the answer :

The Problem is not the Hardware. The Problem is iOS 7 and Djay2. Apple change some Important Audio setups. So the Softwaredesigner have to Update…
Native have still Trouble with iOS 7 and the Traktor DJ App. The latest Update for iOS7 didn’t work at all Sound devices.

Hardware : Reloop beatpad
Device : Ipad 3rd generation 16Go with IOS 7.0.4
Software : Djay 2 V2.2.1
It happend randomly with any song
I notice that it happend more when using several effect (fx, sampler,…)
The sound look exactly like a too short soundcard latency time crackle.…

If there is the same problem on Mac, that mean it isn’t IOS issue but Hardware !
Maybe like you say my-v, Reloop, Apple and Algoriddim should work together ! Dreams can come true ???

P.S. : Take a look on my beatpad videos on Youtube.

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Ok I understand now.
I will try it on my Mac this weekend


Some news :

I used my beatpad for a complete New Year gig (more than 7 hours non-stop mix) without any cracking noise !?!

Unfortunately, I have a big bug on Michael Jackson’s beat it during the party, the bit crush effect have been turned on accidentally without pushing any button, and it was impossible to cancel it until i’ve load a new track. (Deck 2)
This bug only appears this time.

I’ve notice another bug on deck 2 : the “jog wheel following red light” doesn’t work sometimes.

Once again deck 2 : the track position move without removing the hand from jog wheel (position lost while scratching)

These 2 lasts bugs appears sometimes, and sometimes don’t ?

Finally the cracking noise re appear randomly at home.
Another hypothesis : wifi interference ?

I hope you will find solutions for these issues and I hope you understand my English…



Hello there,

recognized the same issue with my Beatpad.

Seems to be a specific iPad (Air) and/or iPhone (4S) issue. Latest iOS and djay 2 software are installed.

Hardware: Reloop Beatpad
Devices: iPad Air 128GB and iPhone 4S 64GB iOS 7.0.4
Software: djay 2 V2.2.1
It happend randomly with any song: Yes.
I notice that it happend more when using several effect (fx, sampler,…): Yes, especially using LPF (at around 1/2 to 3/4 of maximum level).

Using a 2012 MacBook Air (512GB SSD, latest MacOS, latest djay software) there are no permanent audio cracks. Only the cracks when using the LPF seem to be a problem, no matter what device I use, with or without an external DJ controller. Please update, Algoriddim!

My question: Is it an iOS or SW related issue or a Beatpad hardware issue as there is a special and different (besides USB) input for iOS devices? By the way, I already have the second Beatpad device showing this issue.

I especially bought the Beatpad for using it with latest iPad version and right now it’s useless for me! Maybe this problem has to be solved in cooperation with Apple, Reloop & Algoriddim.


I fear you misundertood. Running on a Mac there are NO permanent audio cracks. There is only a specific level (1/2 to 3/4 of max) of LPF that leads to a kind of cracked/distorted sound.

Yes, audio cracks with the apps “Music” and “Traktor DJ”, too! ;o)

BTW, please check, what I mentioned about the Low Pass Filter. This is off topic, as it happens also without using the Beatpad (both djay for Mac and djay2). It sounds like clipping when you use it (at around 1/2 to 3/4 of the LPF level). It is stronger in some songs and parts of tracks than in others, but it’s definitely a problem. LPF in Traktor 2.6 and Traktor DJ works clean without cracks or clipping sounds. I can also send a recorded audio sample if you like.