Support for Denon DN-MC4000

Lukas, please add to the request list, support for the MC4000 controller from Denon.

This controller is become very popular amongst wedding dj’s and it would be great to have native support for this controller.


I am checking the functionality of the MC4000 with DJay Pro on Windows 10 and I am having issues with the library controls in the high middle of the unit. I have even tried re mapping them with no luck. Maybe I am just missing something. I can’t seem to find any documentation on the mapping of the controls. I know a lot is self explanatory but I imagine there is more features than are immediately apparent. Can I get my hands on some documentation? Is there a fix for the library controls. Any advice from Lukas E or anyone else would be appreciated before I commit to the full purchase. Presently using the 15 day demo. Thank you. I really want to completely move over to DJay. I am presently using Serato and Traktor Pro but have such extensive libraries in Spotify Premium that I would prefer to move over as long as I could have a robust controller like the 4000. Thank you.

Sorry, meant the 3000.

Hi there, 

the Denon MC 4000 is natively supported, is there another version which support you are missing?

Cheers,Lukas E.

That is strange since it is in the hardware list.