Support for Screens on DJ Hardware

When is DJay Pro AI going to support screens on DJ Hardware as the norm?
I have the Prime 4 and The Jogwheel artwork is displayed as is the playhead position. But the screen is intentionally blank. Is this ever going to change.

Also other hardware like the XDJ-XZ and others the screen doesnt work. Other DJ Software such as Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ manage to support screens.


Hi @Joel_Leggett,

Thanks for your question about screen support on some of the natively supported controllers for djay Pro AI. Unfortunately, as these are not official Algoriddim djay controllers, we are only able to natively support the controllers (e.g., map the controllers to work with djay) in MIDI mode, and in this mode the screen is not accessible.

Rest assured that should anything change in the future to allow screen support, we will keep you updated.

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This is very disappointing news :disappointed:. I’ve been patiently waiting/hoping for main screen support for Denon Prime 4 and SC6000.


Just wanted to clarify, I didn’t mean to say this wasn’t ever going to be possible, and it’s certainly something we can look into supporting in the future with our supported controllers, including those by Denon. So please don’t lose hope! :pray:

My aim with this post was just to provide a little more insight into why it’s currently not supported. Hope that helps, and my apologies if my message came across the wrong way previously.


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+1 (actually 5 DJ’s that work for me) on Denon Prime 4 & Go screen support for Djay Pro AI!



I am a happy djay pro ai user and a few days ago I bought a denon prime 4 controller. To my surprise the screen was not working. I had read about it in 2020 and 2021 but thought that 3 years later it would have been resolved. Have I done something wrong or does it continue like this without solving that issue? Especially when other programs work perfectly with the main screen of the prime 4.


The Prime 4 screen is still not supported

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Hi @juanmavillaneuva,

Welcome to our Community and glad to hear you’re a happy djay Pro AI user! :notes:

As @Slak_Jaw shared, the Denon DJ PRIME 4 main screen is not currently supported with djay Pro AI. I’ve moved your post to this already existing thread where we are tracking interest on this request. We’ll also keep this thread updated with any news about updates.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hallo, um nochmal auf den Bildschirm des Prime 4 zurück zu kommen.
Ist eine Bildschirm Nutzung des Prime 4 mit der Software djay pro ai geplant ?

Hi @DjThorsten,

Welcome to the Community! Please note that for ease of use for our international base of users, posts on the Community will be translated to and answered in English. I hope it’s okay that we reply in English here.

Translation of your post:

Hello, to come back to the Prime 4 screen again.
Is it planned to use the Prime 4 screen with the djay pro ai software?

While I can’t give a specific timeline for future plans, please note that we are tracking interest for this request here on this Community thread, which is why I’ve moved your post over here. Any updates we have about support for the screen on the PRIME 4 will be given on this thread. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime! :notes:

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Some hardware features are currently not yet supported, will these be supported in the future? or Left unsupported?
e.g. Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME main screen and jog screen.

Hi @eni_olorunda01,

Thanks for your request. I’ve moved your post to this already existing topic thread to keep things tidy on our Community. Please read through the thread, and let us know if you have any questions!

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Seems a bit like yelling into the ether at this point, but wanted to voice a +1 for this.

I wanna relate my personal experience because I think it speaks to how salient and important it is that Algoriddim addresses this ASAP. I’m primarily a Denon user, but lately I’ve been feeling desperate to be able to play around with Neural Mix. I had some experience with Djay years ago, so I bought a Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX in order to start playing around with all my options (Serato, Virtual DJ and Djay). To my pleasant surprise, deciding on Djay between the three wound up being a pretty easy decision. The way it’s laid out, the way the effects sound, the powerful instant effects, the midi mapping, all of it just made me feel at home in a way that Serato and Virtual DJ did not. It really wasn’t even especially close. I love Djay and I want to continue using it.

Except of course for this freakin hardware thing. Again, I’m coming from having used standalones for the past two years, and trying to play gigs with my new Numark controller and my laptop stand has been brutal. I don’t wanna go back to this life! I would really like the kind of connectivity you get with Virtual DJ on the Prime 2. I need to be able to connect via USB, tuck my laptop away and not have to look at it again.

I really hope Djay escalates this issue and puts more resources into building partnerships. Like I said, I really like Djay and I want to continue using it. But the current options available to me have me wondering if Djay is currently a non-viable path for me to go down.


Yes please implement full screen mode on the Denon sc6000

I’m a Prime 4 and Prime Go user, and I would love to see full functionality with Djay Pro. Djay pro is my go-to software of choice!

It’s really embarrassing that at this point they still haven’t implemented it. I will be withdrawing my investment interests in this company.

In fear of sounding like a broken record… My request is the same> I have a Prime 4 and I would love to use DJay Pro AI as my main software and screen view. PLEASE! make the interface work like connecting the Serato interface.

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Please add support for the prime 4 screen !!!

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with the release of the prime 4 plus any update to the screen?. somewhat related questions. Looking at the prime 4 layout does the effects buttons on the prime 4(1,2 assign, and the three knobs on each side, correlate with the effects in the software?