Support for Screens on DJ Hardware

When is DJay Pro AI going to support screens on DJ Hardware as the norm?
I have the Prime 4 and The Jogwheel artwork is displayed as is the playhead position. But the screen is intentionally blank. Is this ever going to change.

Also other hardware like the XDJ-XZ and others the screen doesnt work. Other DJ Software such as Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ manage to support screens.

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Hi @Joel_Leggett,

Thanks for your question about screen support on some of the natively supported controllers for djay Pro AI. Unfortunately, as these are not official Algoriddim djay controllers, we are only able to natively support the controllers (e.g., map the controllers to work with djay) in MIDI mode, and in this mode the screen is not accessible.

Rest assured that should anything change in the future to allow screen support, we will keep you updated.

This is very disappointing news :disappointed:. I’ve been patiently waiting/hoping for main screen support for Denon Prime 4 and SC6000.


Just wanted to clarify, I didn’t mean to say this wasn’t ever going to be possible, and it’s certainly something we can look into supporting in the future with our supported controllers, including those by Denon. So please don’t lose hope! :pray:

My aim with this post was just to provide a little more insight into why it’s currently not supported. Hope that helps, and my apologies if my message came across the wrong way previously.

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+1 (actually 5 DJ’s that work for me) on Denon Prime 4 & Go screen support for Djay Pro AI!


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