Support Simfy for RSA since we don't have Spotify

Im in south africa, and using Algoriddim software with my iDJ Pro - the software does not support apple music however is supports spotify which is not available in South African. We have Simfy Africa - that is similar to spotify - however the software supports only Itunes and Spotify - is it possible to support Simfy??

In all honesty I would think Deezer, Pulselocker or Apple Music would be easier to convince than a service a fraction of people have ever heard of or able to use. Is Apple Music available in South Africa?

You making a valid point - Other countries have Spotify, hence the dont care about Apple Music - IN South Africa we do have Apple Music and our Spotify is “Simfy” - Apple is hard to convince - And not alot of people will fight to convince them since they have an alternative.