Sync between 2 (or more) Djay Apps!

I have 4 Decks (2 Smartphone with DJay app installed) but i can not syncronize bmp in the 4 Decks, be great if we could syncronize simultaneously several Djay app

Good luck with that! They can barely get one app to work by itself!!

I have never used sync on djay pro there’s no need with wego3 pitch holds as well as cdjs problem is nowadays most djs are just button pressers of the top 10 in their chosen genre lol I just chuckle they’ll get nowhere and I fil to see the enjoyment aspect in just pressing sync

Ideally, you should learn how to beat match :slight_smile:

good luck learning the ropes. you have a neat concept there, and technically speaking, yes its a cool idea. in your scenerio, you would at least benefit from learning the math to properly adjust tempo and get the bpm nearly exact. learning that would be as close to sync button cheating as you might get. I can explain the math via email if you like.

yeah!, i’m learning to mix, i am a newbie in this, but for me it is a good idea…

@Joe Hemsing, My email is, i accept help from all, tutorials, pdfs, videos…