Sync doesn't work

I got a djay pro for iPad. My iPad is 4th and ios8.4.
First, When I press sync, bpm much as other side bpm.
Second, when I push sync, it is just play doesn’t mutter the otherside grid.
Before when I used djay2, sync get the blue outline and much the other side grid
On the 2nd press.
I’m sorry about that I can’t speak any good English.

I had the same issues with sync on the latest version of djay Pro for iPad on my iPad Pro running iOS 9.2. It isn’t consistent with every song. My genres are hip-hop, R&B, Freestyle and I can replicate it with both local files and Spotify.

here is a video of what he is talking about , I made a post with this video awhile ago, but never got a response:…

Here is the original post:…

Hi there,

thank you for your post.
Could you tell us which version of djay you are running right now?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

thank you all for helping out on this one and for the on-point video @Jerod Oster.
Would you guys tell us some Spotify songs which are producing this synching problem, this would help us out a lot in order to reproduce the issue.

Thank you all, we will do our best.

Pound cake by Drake…

App: djay Pro (1.0.1)
iOS Version: 8.4
Device: iPad3,6


Now I’m trying to sync few genre. I could sync mostly techno. And some of hip hop. I think trap music is really difficult to sync.
I think djay2 is better to sync than pro.

Hi. This video is exactly I’m saying.
I already give up to use pro…
I’m keep watching your post. Thanks.