Sync Functionality Djay 2 For iPad

My biggest problem with Djay 2 for iPad is the Sync functionality. I do think the beatgrids are some of the best of any software I’ve used, The beatgrid rarely needs to be aligned and It consistently stays on beat even with songs with live drummers that vary somewhat in their tempo. Yes, it’s very annoying that the song starts upon hitting Sync, rather than remaining in standby, but the main problem is it tries to match the first beat of a 4 beat measure. The software does a remarkable job figuring out the “first beat of a measure” at the start of a song. Great for most EDM. Many songs I play will lose that strict 4 beats to the measure count somewhere in the song. That messes up the “first beat of the measure” marking towards the end of the song. Try to use Sync with the next song and the phrasing will be off, even if the songs beats are matched. It would be much better if you could select the settings to either Sync to the beat or to the measure. Then I could ignore the “first beat of the measure” marking and start the song in Sync by listening. I can count songs on my own and would like to use Sync as a convenience.

I was just thinking about this again last night while I was playing at my gig. I would be so easy to fix just by having an option in the preferences to have the Sync behavior sync to the beat (whether upbeat or downbeat) or to the start of the measure as it is now.

Yes, you’re right, for some tracks, the Beatmatching doesn’t work out. We’ll keep on improving this!
FYI: The “first beat of a measure” can be assigned manually. Therefore, open the Waveform view, select the pencil icon, move the song to the right position and tap “SET”.