"SYNC" is out of sync on certain tracks

I have just purchased my new NUMARK iDj Pro & I’m not wasting time in practising. But I have this frustrating problem. There are these two tracks that just will not sync beats.

I haven’t changed any relative settings & the no’s match, everything looks fine, but when I mix at my desired points the beats are always tripping over each other. My BPM range is 127.00. These two tracks mix perfectly on other dj apps that I have on my iPad.

What am I missing?


Hi Shane,

Thanks for contacting us.

Have you tried setting the first downbeats of the songs (yellow line) to another position?

The most common cause for beats not aligning correctly is when the first downbeats are incorrect.

Are you guys using “Perfect Sync”?

@Chewey: what’s your speed slider range?

I have also noticed that certain tracks just won’t sync after the new update

I find the sync to be out 50% of the time. Mid mix the tracks drift in and out and sounds terrible. I am also finding that I cannot adjust the pitch on idj pro by .1? It always moves .2?

Is the issue with sync really a bpm analyzer problem? If I beat match by ear, 50% of the time the bpm are differant by around .5 to each other, sometimes upto .7 then hit perfect sync and the app sets both bpm to the same. The end result is constant pitch bending whilst it’s trying to keep the tracks aligned.

Slider is 8%
Yes perfect sync in use.
If we could edit the bpm and get rid of things like .3 added on to the bpm surly this would let perfect sync stay aligned without huge pitch bending? Or am I getting this all wrong ?