Sync option does not work, when dealing with two different ranges

Hi! I’m in love with the djay 2 for iPhone app, however I found something I’m struggling with, concerning the sync option.

Whenever I want to sync a, let’s say, 76BPM track to a 150BPM, it perfectly changes the tempo to 75BPM.

However, when I do it the other way around: I try to sync a, let’s say, 152 BPM track to a 75BPM track, and it changes the tempo from 152BPM to 75BPM, whereas 150BPM would be more suitable.

I think this is a bug in djay 2.

Kind regards,

Hi there,

we want to thank you for pointing out this inconsistency. I talked to a developer and we are working on the issue.

Keep on posting your feedback, we really appreciate it.

Lukas E.

Any solutions for this problem?

Thanks for the response! I will look forward to seeing the solution implemented in an update!