sync stops working after a few songs

After I recieved the latest update (a few months ago now) the ‘sync’ function only works for a couple of songs. after this when i push ‘sync’ the tempo changes but the songs do not sync up and the blue line that appears around the sync box to show it has synced does not appear.
I tried using the sync button on my controller and this does not work with djay pro either. It works fine with other programs and before this update so i believe this problem is to do with this update of DJ Pro.


I have sent quite a few videos and that hasn’t helped solve my issues…

Oliver, they do this ALL the time when they have no clue what the problem is. It is a delay tactic.

The fact is, they have no clue how to fix the problems and in reality, they may work on this product a day or two every few months. There have been no new beta’s released since Early April, so that means NOTHING is being tested. I have had the same problem with text disappearing and the crossfader going nuts for MONTHS and there has been NOTHING done. In fact, they are now ignoring my posts and emails.

One user put it best, this is all above Lukas’ head and the developers must be on vacation.

This is by far the most frustrating software I have ever used in 27 years of being a disc jockey.

After posting that, you may never get a reply. That is how they work.

I haven’t had a reply on my post in weeks.

Lukas is in over his head, the developer is on vacation and my emails to Frederik have gone un answered.

Funny how he was “all of a sudden” sick and then on vacation. Because they have NO ANSWER to the problem.

I assure you, the message is getting around to the dj community! Time to start blowing up their facebook page with complaints!

What about the problem with text disappearing? Is anyone working on that?

You have had that problem for MONTHS and nothing is being done.

You have screens shots, pictures and videos of the problem. If you can’t figure it out, refund my money.

You no longer reply to my posts… so, I am here.

4 months is long enough to fix a graphics issue, don’t you think?

With all due respect, Lukas, we both know that the bug fixing with the system is VERY flawed.

Thanks for the offer to skype but you may have noticed that Lyndsey setup a Skype call with the developers and all of a sudden, the developers were sick. And then they went on vacation. So, another failed attempt to get anything done.

I have sent COUNTLESS videos and pictures of the problems. You mean to tell me that’s not good enough? Bull!

I have emailed Frederik several times. I have not received a single reply regarding my issue. Not one. So, ANOTHER failed attempt to get something done.

This is professional software. We use this at weddings and it is failing. Someone needs to light a fire under your rear ends or it’s going to get bad for algoriddum. You are failing the people who support you, your customers and you don’t seem to care.

Fix the software! The developers MADE the software and you are telling me they can’t figure this out. BULL!

Get back from vacation and start caring about your customers!

Perhaps if everyone would leave their HONEST opinions in the App Store.

I have had problems with the crossfader acting crazy and text disappearing since April… that’s SEVEN months and want to know how many solutions they have… NOT ONE.

It is beyond frustrating. They don’t even answer your posts anymore.

Leave your feedback on the App Store.

So, 7 months is not enough time? Perhaps if they made it a priority, something would get done.

Lukas, is there only one person working on this? Do you realize how long 7 months is to go without a single update or fix?

Honestly, people need to express their opinions on the app store. Perhaps then, you will realize that you are affecting people’s jobs and how they are able to perform them.

If you are not going to fix the problems in a timely basis, don’t be in the business.

Same problem, please do something!

Hi Lukas-
As everyone has been saying, it’s all songs. It doesn’t matter what 2 songs. After 5 or 6 transitions it simply stops working. Here’s an example: Debbie Deb/When I Hear Music to Dirty Vegas/Days go by. I’m sure it will work if you try it but it turns off for me. Please figure out the problem! Thanks.

Again, it has nothing to do with the songs. The first few songs I do sync as well. It’s after 4 or 5 songs it stops working.

Are you guys doing something about this to fix the problem? I really hope so because I’m now having to use another software and I don’t like it. Please do something soon so I can go back to using DJay!

Maybe if we all continue to bug them enough they will do something!!

I just emailed them to see if they would be willing to have a video chat so I can show them exactly what’s happening. I think this would be a good next step.

I emailed them to set up a Skype call and they said ok so just waiting for them to confirm a day and time. I’ll keep you guys updated.

I had a gig last night and it was totally f’ed up thanks to sync not working. Thanks Djay. I hope we can schedule that Skpye call soon.

Great now you guys won’t respond to me about a Skype call. Thanks for the support.

YES please let us have a copy of the software before the last update. PLEASEEEEEE!

Sure. Today it actually worked for more songs than usual but eventually of course it stopped working and the sync button just shut off automatically. Here’s the playlist and when it happened:
Mtume/Juicy Friut
Gap Band/Outstanding
Thompson Twins/Lay Your Hands On Me
Nu Shooz/I Can’t Wait
Zapp/More Bouce to the Ounce
Nu Shooz/Point of No Return
The Pointer Sisters/Dare Me
Jody Watley/Don’t You Want Me
Tears for Fears/Everybody Wants to Rule the World - WHEN I SYNC THIS SONG THE BUTTON TURNED OFF.

Hope that helps.