Sync with "Double" of track doesn't put both tracks at the same time stamp anymore

If the same song is playing on both turntables, hitting sync would make both sides play at the same point in the song.

Since the iOS 7 update, when you hit sync it only beat-matches the track… but it won’t pair them up to match each other at the same time like it always used to.

Is there a new way to do this?

Is this function gone?

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for contacting us. So sorry for the late reply. Must’ve missed the notification for your new post.

Anyway, please try the following:

  • tap the BPM number of the track with half the BPM
  • select “Double”
  • then sync the song
  • optionally after syncing/playing the song, you can tap the BPM number again and select “Restore” to change it back to default value