Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices

and here is the main thread which talks about this feature request

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Thank you so much!
Great stuff!

I simply use iTunes Match. it keeps all my music in sync on all devices. Also keeps all playlists in sync and is kind of backup for all my music and makes transfer to new computers and devices really easy for 25€/year

I used iTunes in the past but than they change to “music” and ruin years of work.

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I’m not sure of your problem. But iTunes still exist. On FINDER on my Mac.
All my music easily clouds via iTunes.
But Beatgrids still DO NOT cloud.
This should be addressed.

What OS are you using?

I’m sat here waiting for my daughter to finish her Saturday morning class with 2 hours to kill and so I am working on my iPad Pro to create sets/playlists to work from in a a gig next week……. But I gig on my MacBook Pro ……

Please sync iPad and laptop workflows and hot cues. It’s obviously important. I have little use for most of the features in DJay AI - none of those pay the bills. Song selection is what makes a professional DJ. The feature set in djayAI read like the brain child of software engineers, not DJs. Focus on the user,.

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Seconded. It’s also the reason why filtering, searching and drilling down results has to be a triple A experience.


Case in point: Second Sort Key and Advanced searching / library management

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Sorry for the late reply…the latest macOS.

Replicating playlists and cue -points between ios devices (ie created on ipad, replicated on iphone) is easier because things are obviously stored in the same folder layout.

Both devices should have ios and DJay updated to the same versions.

Sync both music collections from the same itunes library so they have identical music.

I use a program called iMazing (it isn’t free, but not expensive). Worth it in my opinion, does loads of ios stuff.
Copy the 3 “MediaLibrary” files from the File System > Apps > DJay > User Data > “djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary” folder to your pc, then hook up the device you want to receive the data, navigate to the same directory and replace its 3 “MediaLibrary” files with the ones you’ve just copied from the ios device which contain all the playlists and cue points you have previously created.
They will all appear on the second device when you next open DJay! (Because both devices are ios the music will be in the same folder locations. It’s a bit more difficult going from ios to other OS with different folder structures (like MacOS, a bit more of an involved procedure).

You will have to re-analyse the tunes (or wait for each one to analyse and re-draw the wave form on the fly when you load it) but all the playlists you’ve created and cue points you set using the other ios device will be there.

My iphone DJay now also has every playlist or cue point I’ve created on the ipad which is great for backup. If the ipad ever went down you could literally hook up the iphone to the controller and play exactly the same set from it (albeit with a tediously small screen, but would get you out of trouble).

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WHAT? That is not supported? Just starting with the app. I supposed this to work - BUMMER!

This needs to be a priority


Oh, how I look forward to syncing library, playlists, analyzed songs.

Since we received the impossible (DVS). No doubt on my mind we will receive this. Just a matter of when.

I hope they are still watching! :thinking::smiley:


Just started with this App, which i find kind of magnificent (reminds me the early days of Ableton).

I do agree that having a Sync on playlists, at least between iOS devices, would really be greatly beneficial.


Thank you AI Staff for addressing this request.

Ideally it would be great to be able to sync locally (AirDrop, Flash Drive, USB) without using iCloud or any type of Clouds. Or at least the option too.


I have same issue. I usually prepare everything on my desktop just for the large screen and the fast speed. Everything for a while was syncing via the cloud to my MacBook Pro but after one of the updates it would completely wipe out my playlist on both devices. This is ver annoying. It appears that I now have two music folders with the djay folder in both. One is in my iCloud Drive and the other is on the actual hard drive on my desktop (a Mac mini running Monterrey) my MacBook Pro is on Big Sur but I am going to upgrade to Monterrey if it will work with my ten year old MacBook Pro to see if that resolves the issue. The music is all from various sources but consolidated into one folder on my iCloud Drive. I also have an iPad Pro and would also like all three to sync via iCloud.

Hi! I‘m using djay Pro AI 4.0.3 in my iOS devices with iCloud Sync activated.

Is it possible to sync (create and maintain) a playlist on both devices?


Hey EISERMANN, this is not possible currently but is the most wanted feature in this forum. Please see here: Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices


To keep things organized, I’ve moved your post over to this already existing thread about the same topic. Thanks for sharing your request!

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