Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices

Is there any news? Is the feature already under development? This is really a huge gap, please implement this.


I am frankly a bit surprised that this is not part of the MacOS version, especially not having the ability to access iTunes/Music app playlists. IMO, this makes music management between both iOS and MacOS fall short. The back-and-forth process should not be this time-consuming.

I’m very disappointed, but hold out hope. .


Not sure what you mean but iTunes/ playlists appear for me just fine.

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On iOS, yes. On MacOS, apparently cloud sync is unavailable for the iTunes/Music app; only local files. At least this is my understanding from tech support. I’d be happy to be wrong. Thanks

This would be a useful tool. I just started using playlists in Djay pro ai. Would be great if the same playlists sync with my iPad since I dj with it too. I use SoundCloud as my music source.

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i’ve just find this method on a youtube tutorial to sync the iPad and the MacOS version of Djay. it uses a free third party software called iFunbox and it works great !
see the video here : DJ Conversion Utility Streaming Advanced Features - YouTube

it’s not a easy automatic method but at least it works :slight_smile:



Users + Dev Team, There is awesome power in the DJay Pro AI Music management. However it is worthless to have a backup computer unless they sync. That said I will be using it if you add this feature.

Alternatively an entire secondary music management app that is visible like apple music/itunes would be so dope.


This is a no-brainer and essential, looking forward to fluid sync between devices!


I thought I was doing something wrong until finally stumbling onto this chain. Very disappointing that playlists don’t sync via the cloud. I’m planning on building playlists across 4 devices so this is a huge gap that seems easy to solve.


mostly using beatport link playlists, i use to import them to djay using internal djay folder playlists (as beatport link does not support folders…). so my beatport playlists are sorted and managed with djay. however not being able to sync these playlists between my devices is very very time consuming if you’ve to repeat this process on all devices ios and macos…

what about adding the possibility to store the djay database on the cloud, using dropbox or else?
(or course we need the full djay database, with cue points and beat grids and whatever setting you can apply to a track :wink:

+1 for being able to manage and store playlists across all platforms. Perhaps a cloud solution ?

As all of my fellow Djay users, I’m voting for Playlists sync between devices.
I’d like to explore and save tracks on the go using the Phone and find the created lists on the iPad ready for the gig.
Hope the team will content is asap.

Just paid for a subscription thinking this would be a no brainer and built in. Full support/votes for syncing between devices.

And honestly guys… given the crap show that is slowly becoming, I’d love to see a full music management app come out of your company. :heart:

This would be really useful for me. I can prepare playlists on my phone or laptop, listen to them in the car on my commute to check them and then use MacBook for my sets.

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Why did you ditch iTunes?
Syncs for me

I’m just not a fan of iTunes. Plus the majority of my music is via Tidal or Beatport Link these days.

Got it.
I’m old school, own everything I mix.

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This feature is at the top of my wishlist!:slight_smile:

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I literally created an account to tell you how much of a game-changer this would be :pray:

C’mon, team — you’ve built a staggeringly good product with some of the best UX I’ve seen.

But, the current system assumes people only use Djay with one device… huh?

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Hi algoriddm team! Do you have any idea when you’ll start working on this?
Please make this happen - it would be so great.