Syncing to different spots in a grid? How would I do this?

Lets say I have one song at 85BPM on one deck. Now, I load up another song, and I’ve used the Set Grid function to set the beginning of my song at a specific cue point (like the first beat of the song, which may not be the actual beginning of the song).

The problem is, often when doing this, I find that later in the song the beginning of a 4 beat measure may not coincide with the yellow line indicating the beginning of a grid section. As a result, when mixing my new song into the playing one, I have to do it in between grid markers. And then I cannot hit the sync button, because it skips forward (or back) to the closest yellow grid marker.

So a solution would be to allow you to subdivide grid markers into 1/8, 1/16. or 1/32 sections, and then allow to you to sync to one of those, rather than to the yellow line indicating the beginning of a measure.

Is there a way around this currently? Am I missing something? Is there a way to force a song to sync only beats, and not the position of the track?

Thanks so much…