Tap Tempo on Mixon 8 doesn't work?

The Mixon 8 manual refers:

  • Hold SHIFT + press the button in time to the music, to determine the BPM value.

Does DJay support this?
Doing this should change the tempo of the respective deck.
Or am I missing something?

Guessing its for the FX only
the pitch slider is for tempo of the music

Hi @Dig_Art,

  1. Tap is not actually used to change the song Tempo like with adjusting the Tempo Faders. It’s used to edit the analyzed BPM value. In most cases you probably don’t want to do this as djay is very good at automatically analyzing the correct BPM for songs.
  2. I checked the Built-in MIDI Mapping for the Mixon 8, and it appears that SHIFT+Headphone Cue is not mapped to BPM Tap. However, you can easily map this yourself if you like. Given that Tap doesn’t change the track Tempo like you were expecting, I suspect you won’t want to bother mapping this anyway.

It would be nice to have a feature like this.
Not BPM Tap (DJay excels at detecting this) but a Tap Tempo as an alternative to the tempo slider.
If that could exist (and be MIDI mapped) one could the Tempo of an incoming track while listening to the track in the active deck.
Just a suggestion.

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@Dig_Art another user has created a suggestion topic for this idea. Please go cast your vote for this feature below:

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