Tempo Resolution Problem

When Tempo +/- is mapped to a button, a single press of the button causes the tempo to increase or decrease by either 0.2 or 0.3 BPM. This is too low-resolution to allow for accurate beatmatching, and is too big of an increase to smoothly change the tempo of a currently playing track.

Also, please add a second decimal place to the BPM indicator (ie. 128.00) in the next version of Djay for Mac. Nearly every other DJ software has this level of resolution.

Huh, I really don’t why I didn’t get any notifications about your posts. So thank you for giving it another bump.

I’ll change your post into a feature request (= idea).


Hi Warren,

This issue also appears in the new Djay Pro. Can you please add another feature request so it can be patched in a future update?

Ideally, the MIDI mapping would allow the user to customize how large of a tempo change would be associated with a single button press, especially if a second decimal point of precision is added (ex. 128.00). But 0.1 BPM seems to make the most sense for now.

It seems as though this issue has been partially resolved - most of the time, a single button press corresponds to a tempo change of 0.1 BPM. However, about every fourth or fifth press will make the tempo jump by 0.2 BPM.

Adrian, can you please report this bug to the developers?

Can this be included in the next update? Being able to control tempo smoothly with a pair of buttons for each deck would be really helpful for those of us with MIDI controllers with short pitch faders.