The turntable platter says, "please help me carry momentum when my power is off and I am pushed in reverse!"

This topic relates to the red strobe on/off feature(your half way there! needs 1 minor simple improvement):

When the application is in “dual turntable view” screen, or in “single turntable view” screen, and the red strobe light that illuminates the platter is touched, I noticed the power down effect replicated and synthesizes the twisting off of the power cap on an actual Technics SL12000 MK(x).

The suggestion I have is for the turntable to be allowed to be pushed backwards when in power off mode when the red light isn’t illuminating the platter but the stylus is touching the vinyl and cartridge is still amplifying sound through the RCA cables to the pre-amp mixer.

Nothing happens in the application now when you try to roll or push the platter while power is off. What should happen is the platter should produce audio when pushed backwards (similar to the twist function in the FX window). The platter should move backwards and slow to a stop with momentum the way it does when you kill the power while the table turning the correct clockwise direction. The speed or length of the backwards revolutions should be relevant to the speed at which it is pushed backwards.

If you correct this small detail the turntablist Dj will be able to do many more tricks with sounds while mixing. Endless possibilities with sound effects such as sweeps, air horns, long vocal samples etc.

Thanks for your feedback and support!