there are no songs in my spotify list. also no spotify made playlists.

i see my playlists but when i open them there are no songs inside.
also my spotify made playlists are not there like favorites.

Which device do you have - Mac, iPad/iPhone or Android? Which djay version are you using? Can you see all your playlists/songs in the Spotify app?

using a mac book pro 2009. the next problem is that there are 4 or5 times all of my playlists in the list. but whit nothing in it. is there a easy way to delet everything and ad the itunes playlists new?

…i have the same problem…(Mac Book Pro 2013)…i see the song in my Playlists in the Spotify App , on my i Pad but not in Djay Pro…all Playlists empty!!