Things that still bug me...

Genre display in Playlist mode?
In-app Circle of Fifths display?
Bar markings on full-length waveform?

I keep a Circle of Fifths chart on my phone so that I can refer to it whilst mixing, but it would be much neater if you gave us a button to bring one up on-screen (iPad) whenever needed.

On the small, full-track waveform at the top of the screen (djay2 and idj Pro), it can be tricky to know exactly how far you currently are from a big drop or whatever, especially if you’re trying to coordinate events on both channels. Bar markings would help a lot.

I (like a lot of others, I imagine) sort my library by BPM and then look at the best keys within a close tempo range. But still, within that, I would also like to see what kind of track - energy etc - I’m looking at. I don’t want to get the key and tempo right but find I’m transitioning from a driving, repetitive Minimal number to something more spacey, losing the dancefloor. And I don’t want to sort by genre, because that includes tracks from across all my playlists. If you were to give us the genre in small text below the track title (think Beatport), it would give us all the relevant information on one screen.

Thanks for replying.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share these ideas with us.
What do you mean by “In-app Circle of Fifths display”?

About the bar markings: I definitely see where you coming from. I’ll pass this to our team!

About the Genre display in Playlist mode: Can you tell why this is important for you?